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Raspberry Ruby Truffles

Raspberry Ruby Truffles

The delicious flavour of the rich dark chocolate raspberry ganache complimented by
the intense red berry acidity of the ruby chocolate. Ruby chocolate is the lesser
known fourth chocolate pioneered by Barry Callebaut. Ruby chocolate contains no
added colour or berry flavour, it is all natural.


No artificial flavours, additives or preservatives are incorporated into any of Kathryn
Cuthbertson MVO handcrafted chocolates; therefore, we recommend that all items
ordered are consumed referring to the use-by date labelling on the packaging.

  • Packaging:

    Biodegradable and compostable Nutureflex TM transparent film bags, fastened with signature satin ribbon.


    10 truffles 125g approx.

    20 truffles 230g approx.

    Storage Instructions:

    Store in a cool dry environment away from direct sunlight. Please refer to use-by date labelling on packaging.